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I have been living with, pet sitting, training and boarding Golden Retrievers for over 30 years. My first therapy dog was Chelsea and after Chelsea our next therapy dog was rescue Golden Delilah. Delilah was kept in a crate in a basement for the first year of her life until her rescue by a family member. Through the grapevine, one year after Chelsea's passing, came Delilah at the age of 12 months, with the same birthday as Chelsea as fate would have it, born the December after 9/11.
Jolie and Hawkeye are obedience trained , Sunny and Poseidon are registered with
Therapy Dog International and were trained by our son and work individually or as a team.The first person that our trainer  (who was with police K-9 until his retirement and continues to train) has ever allowed to work two dogs at a time. A much more rigorous task that requires great patience and consistency. We are very proud of our son. He accomplished this at the age of 16. He sure has a beautiful connection with all dogs and has been coming with me to pet sit and assist since he was a toddler.  He also volunteers with our home boarding and the Goldens love him.
Prior to starting our pet sitting business I managed a veterinary practice for ten years, bringing Chelsea and Kismet to work was a blessing!  I then opened Absolute Love For Goldens, an in home private boarding experience for Golden Retrievers only. My husband has been in the pet industry for over twenty five years working for companies such as Hills Science Diet and The Nutro Company and Merrick Pet Care. He has trained and groomed for many years. 

2013 NEWS !
 The newest addition to the family is a 17h Chestnut off track thoroughbred
by the name of FALCON FURY. Falcon is a direct descendant of Bold Ruler and
Secretariat. Unfortunately, he broke a knee at the age of 3 and was sent right from
the track by his trainer , directly to New Holland, PA auction where
horses are purchased and sent to slaughter. Fortunately for Falcon, thoroughbred rescue
folks were there and read his tattoo and after a long run around they were able to
buy him. He was 3 years old, shipped with a broken knee with a slab fracture and emaciated. If you google Falcon Fury you will find multiple articles about him.
He was on stall rest for months, then adopted to be used as a therapy horse and then abandoned. He spent four years in Oklahoma before
  finally arriving here in New York. Since receiving the proper supplements and medications he is doing very well. We attempted retraining on the flat graciously offered by Thoroughbred trainer Jen Pedersen. Unfortunately, though Falcon moves with grace and shows off his bloodlines without a rider, he cannot withstand the weight of even a jockey. Falcon and his pasture buds love the bowls and essential oils too! He has a great life now and will be accompanying our holistic energy healing sessions. 






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